Current research: Young Sexualities, Equalities and Well-being: children’s perspectives and experiences.

Too much too soon-page-001This is a research project to inform the National Assembly for Wales cross-party group, ‘Children, Sexualities, Sexualisation and Equalities’.

This qualitative research project is funded by Cardiff University, the NSPCC and the Children’s Commissioner’s Office for Wales. It has been designed specifically to inform the National Assembly for Wales cross-party group, ‘Children, Sexualities, Sexualisation and Equalities’. In brief, the research aims to provide a nuanced empirical portrayal of children’s own sexual cultures. It will explore how children make meaning of ‘the sexualisation of culture’ in the context of their everyday lives and in the hope of creating more child-centred policy interventions and resources in the future. Its core aims are three fold:

  • to address the lack of knowledge about children’s own sexual cultures in the context of their everyday lives;
  • to foreground equalities and specifically explore how gender, social class, ethnicity and religion interact to shape children’s experiences;
  • to apply article12 of the United Nations on the Conventions of the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and enable children to identify and shape future research, policies and practice.

Over 140 children between the ages of 10-13 have participated in individual and friendship group interviews.  Project findings will be launched at the Welsh Assembly in June 2013.

If you would like to know more about this research project, e-mail Emma Renold at renold [at]

If you’re currently involved in any research projects around the themes of sexuality and gender in relation to children or young people, please do get in touch at youngsexualities [at] if you’d like us to share the information.

ESRC seminar series: Understanding the young sexual body

ESRC seminar poster-page-001The second seminar in the ESRC-funded seminar series “Understanding the young sexual body” is taking place next Friday 1 March at the University of Greenwich, entitled “The errant body”. It focusses on the challenges that arise in the delivery of sexual and reproductive health services, and will explore the ways in which young people’s beliefs and attitudes, in a context of social and cultural change, may affect contraceptive and reproductive decisions.


The seminar series as a whole foregrounds the body whilst drawing upon cutting edge research on:

  • Young people’s sexual health
  • Sexual relations and relationships
  • Sexual subjectivities
  • Sexuality education.

It explores the role of media, popular culture, commerce and technologies in the construction of different understandings of the young sexual body.

The third seminar, “The invaded/invading body: putting culture and context centre stage” focusses on understanding young people’s experience of sexual violence, foregrounding culture, context and relationality. It will take place at Cardiff University on 5 July 2013.

The fourth seminar focusses on “The desiring body” and will take place at the Institute of Education on 8 November 2013.

You can find more details and book a place for upcoming seminars at the website: