XCircle_edu, An international network of young scholars of pornography – a community in which to share, support, and collaborate.

This new network might be of interest:

XCircle_edu is both an international academic network and a space in which young researchers of pornography can share, support, and collaborate.

As an academic researcher, you can often feel lonely, or intimidated by those with years of experience in the industry you are researching. Equally, young scholars face different obstacles to those who are already well-established in academia (note: ‘young’ doesn’t particularly relate to age, but to experience, i.e. BA/MA to less than 5 years after a PhD, as a rule of thumb). We need a space among ourselves – to cultivate our ideas, to develop our careers, and to offer peer-based support.

If you study alternative / ethical / DIY / marginalised / queer / feminist porn / post-porn or a closely related topic, or you research/analyse/write about pornography from a feminist and/or queer perspective, then you should find yourself at home among the members of this close-knit, but geographically distant, network.

Academia can be very competitive and elitist, to the detriment of many, but at XCircle_edu we want a supportive community – one of reciprocity that can be improved by everyone engaging and sharing with each other. We all contribute so that we can all benefit.

Aims of XCircle_edu:

  • support and encourage each other;
  • share valuable contacts;
  • share bibliographies and references;
  • suggest good working techniques and resources;
  • work together on papers, courses, and workshops;
  • organise conference panels together;
  • share lists of films, documentaries, videos, websites;
  • communicate often: via email, Skype, and a dedicated private forum;
  • proofread each others’ work;
  • offer different perspectives and suggest ideas;
  • discuss theories, methodologies, and ethics;
  • update a shared calendar of journal paper submission deadlines and upcoming conferences;
  • organise Skype conference calls;
  • and anything else we believe would be useful to advancing our knowledge.

Get all up in our Twitter@XCircle_edu

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