Young Sexualities is a research network aimed at bringing together academic researchers working in the fields of children, young people, gender and sexualities. It is planned as a hub of knowledge, connecting those who work in similar areas and acting as a central source of information for those wanting to find out more.

The research group originates at Cardiff University and is affiliated with the Sexualities and Gender research group in Cardiff University School of Social Sciences. It was set up by Emma Renold, Jennifer Lyttleton-Smith and Naomi Holford in June 2011.

We are in the process of building a database of researchers working in the area, and a comprehensive list of resources on young people’s sexualities (incorporating academic work, as well as internet resources and policy documents). We very much welcome input, links, information and references.

Please get in touch if you’re interested in being a part of the Young Sexualities research network. You can e-mail us collectively at youngsexualities@gmail.com, or personally at renold@cardiff.ac.uk, smithjr1@cardiff.ac.uk and naomi.holford@open.ac.uk. Young Sexualities is on Twitter at @youngsexuality.

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