Selected research and reviews

Academic research and commentary

Phoenix, A. (2011) Review of recent literature for the Bailey Review of commercialization and sexualisation of childhood London.

Attwood, F. and Smith, C. (2011) Investigating Young People’s Sexual Cultures, Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning Vol. 11 (3)

Renold, E., Kehily, M.J. and Epstein, D. (2012) Making Sense of the Sexualisation Debates: Schooling and Beyond, Gender and Education [contact for details]

Government and Non-Governmental Research Reviews

American Psychological Association (APA) (2007) Report of the APA Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls,

Bailey, R. (2011) Letting Children be Children – Report of an Independent Review of the Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood London: Department of Education

Buckingham, D., Willett, R. Bragg, S. and Russell. R. (2009) Sexualised goods aimed at children, Scottish Parliament Review (

Papadopoulos, L. (2010) Sexualisation of Young People Review. Home Office: London.

NSPCC (2011) Premature Sexualisation: Understanding the risks.

Rush, E. and La Nauze, A. (2006) Corporate Paedophilia Sexualisation of children in Australia, The Australia Institute. 



Stonewall Cymru

Stonewall Cymru is the all-Wales Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual (LGB) Charity.  Our aim is to achieve equality for LGB people at home, at school and at work.

Established in 2003 with support from the Welsh Government and Stonewall GB, our work is tailored to the needs of LGB people across Wales and draws upon a wealth of research from Stonewall across Britain.

Schools Out

To provide both a formal and informal support network for all people who want to raise the issue of homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism in education.

The classroom: LGBT teaching

The Classroom aims to be an accessible space for teachers to locate a range of resources to make Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans people visible in education. We believe that to eradicate homophobia and transphobia, the lives and contributions of LGBT people need to be visible throughout education. This can be done by delivering a broad and balanced curriculum.

The Queer Youth Alliance

The UK Alliance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Young People. We are the first and only national organisation run by and for LGBT Youth Peoples Chat, Friend Finder, Homeless gay and lesbian LGBT youth projects, links and listings of all the major LGBT Youth Organisations across the UK

Sticks and Stones

Rural Media’s Sticks and Stones Project – a place where young LGB people can chat with others about how best to deal with anti-gay attitudes and homophobic bullying. It’s a great opportunity to meet lots of other people, via the forum or in the making of a series of 4 short films about life as a young gay, lesbian or bisexual person in rural areas.


Mermaids is a support group for gender variant children and teenagers . Our aims are simple: We aim to support children and teenagers up to age 19, who are trying to cope with gender identity issues. In support of this one aim, we also intend to: offer support to parents, families, carers, and others; raise awareness about gender issues amongst professionals (e.g. teachers, doctors, social services, etc.) and the general public; campaign for the recognition of this issue and the increase in professional services.

UK Black Out

We have created this site for black lgbt people and their friends. This is a site for everyone! No matter what race you are, we all share a common philosophy — that is, that we welcome diversity. Rejoice, enjoy, and explore the diversities, differences, and excitement of our cultures. Let’s work towards making a world where there is no racism, prejudice and homophobia. It’s our diversity that makes us strong! Although the site is titled ‘UK Black Out’, we do not mean to exclude any race. We are simply trying to provide a service for which there is a gap in the market. Everyone is welcomed to participate. We do not promote racial divide. In fact, we will post information on any topic which we think is relevant to our audience, be it black, white, Asian, or Latin.


A social support group for Muslim lesbian, gays, bisexuals, transgender, those questioning their sexuality or gender identity and their friends and supporters.

Jewish Gay and Lesbian Group

Providing an atmosphere of friendship and support for Jewish gays, lesbians, bisexuals and their

Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM)

A UK based international charity for an inclusive church.

Young LGBT Christians (YLGC)

YLGC is a place for young LGBT Christians to meet, socialise, hear from each other and support each other. We are based around an email list, and have quarterly meetings and regular social activities.


Gender and Education Association

This association works to challenge and eradicate sexism and gender inequality within and through education via blogs, resources, training and events.


Womankind led a UK focussed programme of work between 2003-2011 carrying out prevention work in schools on violence against women and girls – including sexual bullying.

Feminist Teacher

Teacher blog about ‘teaching feminism in high school: from theory to action’


This is an online ‘women and girls work space’ that will act as both an archive and a resource for practitioners, volunteers and young women involved in youth and community work with young women.

The Astell Project

This project is a UK based campaign and international community of educators and activists set up in 2011. It calls for an equality audit and aims to see that Women & Gender Studies are introduced into the National Curriculum by 2015.


Sex Education Forum

The national authority on sex and relationships education (SRE), the Forum believes that good quality SRE is an entitlement for all children and young people.

Are you getting it right? A toolkit for consulting young people in Wales on sex and relationships education (Sex education forum)

Sex and Relationships Education: Still not getting any (Sex Education Forum)

Are you a young advocate for better SRE? (sex education forum) Visit:

SRE- are you getting it? UK Youth Parliament

UKYP is committed to ensuring that each young person across the UK, receives the same high-level standard of sex and relationship education (SRE). Read about the campaign and download the report


This charity provides free and confidential sexual health advice for young people, and has an array of sex education resources, training manuals, leaflets and brochures – see also Brook’s sex-positive campaign

True Tube

Aimed at 12-25 year olds to provide a platform for debate on moral and ethical issues, including love and sex.
You can register for free teaching resources.

The Red Knob

Providing resources, consultancy and guidance for work with young men around sexual health issues.


Youthhealthtalk features videos of interviews with young people about their experiences of sex and sexual health. All interviews are by Oxford University Researchers who aim to capture the full range of experiences including starting periods, having sex for the first time, relationships, sexually transmitted infections, contraception, sexuality, pregnancy and abortion.

Family Planning Association

Family Planning Association  (fpa) is the UK’s leading sexual health charity working to improve the sexual health of all people throughout the UK. They have a variety of resources available on SRE and Sexual Health.

International Planned Parenthood Federation

Take a look at the EXCLAIM pdf – this document shows how sexual rights relate to young people in a way that is accessible and relevant to young people, highlighting certain aspects about sexual rights that are specific to young people.

Me and Us Ltd

Me-and-Us produces educational resources and provides advice about training on Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), including material for young people with SEN


Passionate about providing high quality learning resources and information about sex for young people with disabilities. Overcoming taboos around sexuality and disability is essential to enable all young people are given the information they are entitled to. 
Visit website


This research network draws together international experts in order to respond to the new visibility or ‘onscenity’ of sex in commerce, culture and everyday life.

Petra Boynton (Sex Educator, Agony Aunt and Academic)’s-your-chance-to-find-out/


Selection of research monographs, edited collections and journals

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